Why you and your business should attend exhibitions?

Why you and your business should attend exhibitions?

The answer is simple – it’s the best way to connect with existing and potential clients. If you want to get your company known to the widest possible audience then taking part in an exhibition is essential.

Exhibitions are a traditional and well-established way of raising awareness of your product, service and business. Seeing, talking, trialling products and services at an exhibition is a proven means of achieving sales.

1. Personal contact

Never underestimate the importance of personal contact. People like to know who they are dealing with. They like to see products, touch them and find out exactly how they work. Personal contacts make a massive difference when it comes to choosing between products and services.

Exhibitions are the perfect way of talking to people on a one-to-one basis about your brand. This is face to face marketing at its best. A short personal presentation and opportunity to ask questions is much more effective than an email campaign.

2. Publicity and brand awareness

Taking part in an exhibition will immediately improve brand awareness. It puts your product and service at the forefront of every visitor’s attention. Attending a carefully chosen exhibition attracting your target market will mean that your company immediately catches attention of people who are interested in what you are offering.

3. Choose your stand location and design carefully.

It needs to create an instant impact telling visitors instantly what you are offering. Have some freebies such as pens, tote bags, key rings for visitors to take away making sure that your brand stays in their memory.

4. Direct sales opportunities

An exhibition allows you to sell directly to customers, no matter whether it is a consumer or a trade show. People go to an exhibition to buy, to seek information and ideas. This is your opportunity to sell your brand, your product, your service. Take the opportunity to sell products and services, closing deals quickly.

5. Information gathering

Exhibitions are the ideal opportunity to gather information. Take some time to explore the show yourself and find out what your competitors are doing. Observe any trends that are appearing. Talk to other companies in related sectors, you can gain valuable information that can aid your business development. There may be opportunities to collaborate on projects that you might not otherwise have obtained. Find out what is popular at the moment, and what is gaining popularity. These are opportunities not to be missed since it can lead to sales in forthcoming months.

Convinced you need to exhibit?

Talk to us now about how we can help you maximise the value of your next exhibition. We can provide all the additional extra help you need such as temporary staff, demonstrators, hostesses and organisation.


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