Why is attending a London Exhibition is crucial to your business?

Why is attending a London Exhibition is crucial to your business?

London exhibitions are one of the best ways of meeting other companies, getting information and ideas. It is the perfect networking experience and the only place where you can meet countless business professionals and media in just one location.

Make personal contacts

Talking on the phone or the via the internet is not the same as face to face contact. Much more can be achieved by personal contact than by any number of sales calls. Exhibitions offer the opportunity to meet a very wide range of potential contacts. While it is rare for actual business deals to be signed on the spot, meeting face to face helps create the right environment, the right contacts for those deals to go ahead. Being able to put a face to a name means they are more likely to respond to your calls.

Information gathering

Exhibitions are the perfect information gathering environment. Meandering around the aisles of a London based exhibition you can gather up lots of details and ideas, identify trends and see what your competition is doing.

Take a careful look at popular exhibition stands and ask yourself why that stand is attracting lots of attention.

Is it due to the location?
Does it encourage interaction with visitors?
Is it targeting specific types of visitors?
What is their sales pitch?
Does the layout of the stand make a difference?

Improve your brand awareness

Exhibitions are the ideal way to improve your brand visibility. Taking part in an exhibition in London encourages people to come to you. They will see your stand and business concept. Over just one day at an exhibition could result in ten times the number of people being exposed to your brand than you might contact in sales calls throughout an eight hour period.

Brand images and promotional messages need to be clearly visible on your stand. Use eye-catching graphics. Have a clearly focused message.
Make sure your website and social media details. People want to find you online. Create an effective display of your products. Visitors want to see what you offer.

Expand your marketing

Include interactive games and activities. Anything that encourages visitors to stay longer at your stand means more chance of converting that visit into sales – especially if you have captured their contact details.

Improve your personal industry knowledge

Take the opportunity to join in any educational sessions, question & answer forums, or listen to speakers. These can provide a fantastic way to gain business knowledge, discover what leading industry players are doing and try out technological initiatives – as well as networking with other business people from London and elsewhere.

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