Tips to market your Trade Show Booth

Tips to market your Trade Show Booth

There is no better way to successfully market your business than to attend the right tradeshow. You have an audience who are interested in your services and could become your latest client. It is no wonder that companies spend an average of 15% of there annual marketing budget on tradeshows.

That said, they are of course not guaranteed success and will rely on you making some very important choices correctly.

Here are some helpful ideas to do the most important thing… NOTICE YOU!

1. Location, location, location
Just as in properties, at a trade show it is all “location, location, location” when it comes to your stand. Typically, tradeshows have cottoned on that there can charge more for the high footfall spots. We say that it is well worth spending the extra 20-60% to be seen easily.
You will not be the only company after the hot spots. So be sure to enquire early.

2. Eye-Catching design
Visitors are going to stop by a great looking booth. Often the B2B expos can be a hub of grey and white which all becomes a bit same same. Try when designing your trade show booth or hire a professional. The more colourful it is the better. You want visitors to stop and engage with you, which is so much easier if you have an inviting stand.

3. Staff must be inviting.
So, you’ve spent £20,000 + to be here for three days. Surely you aren’t sat at your table on your mobile checking out emails. Amazingly a painfully large number of stands do not have staff that look ready to engage with people.

The other unfortunate incident is when you see all the stand members in conversations and opportunities being missed. It is for that reason that many event organisers come to us to hire hostesses to keep prospects engaged whilst the team is busy.

4. Show Specials
You will want to emphasize your show specials so that it is clear for buyers to see what they need to do to qualify so that they are eligible for your special offer or discount.

5. Give away competitions.
Everyone likes a chance to win something, and they are more than happy to part with their contact details for pursuing later. The competition will also naturally draw people towards your event.

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