The Benefits of Hiring Professional Sampling Staff

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Sampling Staff

Hiring product sampling staff is an effective means of reaching your audience. There are many benefits of encouraging potential customers to sample your products and the results are better than you would expect.

Does hiring sampling staff work?

#1 Sampling staff spread the word

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of advertising and with our great sampling staff on the case, your products and brand will be talked about.

#2 Brand generosity

Don’t we all love something for free? This generosity on the part of your brand towards consumers leads them to make a purchasing decision in your favour. Research shows that customers are three times more likely to buy your product. Who wouldn’t like to see a spike in sales?

#3 Get feedback

Our sampling staff make sure they hit your customer demographic target. They’ll discuss the products, ask people what they think and feed this back to you. Feedback is important, giving you the steer you need in a competitive marketplace.

#4 Introduce a new product

Have something new and exciting you want to launch? Do you want to test the market? Our sampling staff are pros at product launches.

#5 Grow connections with current customers

Brand loyalty is something every brand wants to encourage. Sampling sessions in shops, markets, shopping centres and other venues allow your brand to strengthen connections with people who already buy from you.

#6 Gain publicity

Our sampling staff arrived fully briefed, dressed in your brand colours and uniform, ready for action. Confident and personable, they deliver an intelligent and responsive sampling service, perfect for grabbing attention.

#7 Brand confidence

There is a confidence to a sampling session. If your brand is willing to ‘give away’ samples, then you must have a confidence in your product and brand, something your consumers will love.

Hire the RIGHT sampling staff

Increasing exposure, breaking into new markets and gaining traction in competitive trading conditions are three benefits of sampling sessions but only if you get the right sampling staff.

And that’s where our London based staffing agency comes in. With many years’ experience of working with business large and small, we place your product into the hands of your customers.

With over 7,000 experience product demonstration staff and brand ambassadors, we are the go-to promotional staffing agency who make things happen.

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