Making a Big Impression with a Small Exhibition Stand

exhibition stand tipsMaking a Big Impression with a Small Exhibition Stand

The trade show or conference floor is a busy place. A cacophony of sights and sounds, standing out seems impossible.

And so in the mistaken belief that it will make a big difference, brands bust their exhibition budgets by opting for the biggest exhibition booth on offer.

The problem is, if it was as simple as ‘the bigger booth, the bigger the impact’, we would all be doing it. But the truth is a lot different – it is not the size of the booth, but what you do with it.

Impact is…
… Impression

When a visitor first looks at your stand, what do they really see? Do they see empty coffee cups, or do they marvel at the clear, concise message and information that the booth backdrop and design are giving off?

A smaller booth needs to be effectively designed and dressed so that it creates a fantastic overall first impression (remember, you have seconds to excite or turn off potential clients and customers).

The solution Stand back and consider what it is that stands out or ask someone unconnected with your brand to do it for you. Is it using corporate colours, is your branding clear and is it clear what you do?

… Being different

As you can imagine, the team at London Exhibition Staff spend a lot of time on the exhibition floor, working with clients and brands across a range of industries and sectors.

Being different means standing out for all the right reasons, and what out professional promotional staff tell us attracts attention are;
• Fantastic lighting – when a booth is well lit with spotlights and gentler backlighting, it attracts attention because it looks ‘alive’ and vibrant
• A hint of quirky or whimsical – from the type of competitions that are being run by the client at the booth to the way the booth is set up
• Spreading wings – what this means is that as a brand, the client uses other outlets such as sponsorship of seminars, workshops and so on to get their brand recognised

The solution Think beyond the confines of your trade booth as to how else you can connect with potential customers, but also to increase your visibility.

… Suits YOUR brand

Every business premises is different so why would your booth be the same as your competitor or partner?
How will you connect with your customers? To find out more about your products or services, would potential clients and customers need to sit to enjoy a conversation? Or is it about grabbing their contact details and following up after the trade show?

The solution Trade show booth design is an important and growing concept for any business to grasp. Investing in equipment and furniture for use during an exhibition is a consideration worthy of any business. The key question is to understand how the design of your booth attracts customers, connections and conversation.

… Connecting

A common mistake is understanding the likelihood of customers making purchasing decisions at a trade show. In effect, trade shows are designed and hosted to bring people together, with many potential customers gathering information and making the decision to buy after the event.

The mantra ‘sell, sell, sell’ is not what you need but rather ‘connect, connect, connect’. And this is where hiring professional promotional team works to your advantage. That small 8’ x 6’ trade booth can be a gold mine of connections for the future.

The solution Consider hiring staff for your booth, a great way to get more from any trade show.

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