Make your display stand the most sought after in the exhibition

Make your display stand the most sought after in the exhibition

Just imagine your brand becoming the most talked about, the most popular within an exhibition. Enjoy a constant stream of visitors, keen to discover your services and products resulting in sales and publicity.

Such dreams are not impossible. With the right help and forethought, you can achieve a real impact at any trade show. Everything depends on your preparations and the quality of your team.

Make your stand as eye-catching as possible

You want to stand out at a crowded show. You want to aim to be the stand that grabs peoples attention, the one which gets people talking. Think about what might catch attention. Interactive robots, prize wheels, photography booths with a twist, money blowing machines are just some of the ways which can capture visitors attention. People will stay around and wait to see an interesting, lively demonstration rather than heading on to explore other stands.

Keep their interest by having enough staff available to answer questions, chat with guests, talk about the product and service, capture relevant data such as contact details. Encourage people to sign up and provide email addresses by offering special deals such as a next day online raffle.

Hire a professional speaker

Schedule a professional speaker or presenter for a few slots throughout the day. Choose someone relevant to your product, someone that will be of immediate interest to visitors. Ask the speaker to link your brand, your product into his presentation. Add plenty of signage around to promote your company and have relevant brochures clearly available. Promote the speaker’s talks among exhibition media, and on your website.

Provide aromatic, irresistible complimentary food and drink
Freshly brewed tea, coffee or hot chocolate and delicious biscuits will appeal to thirsty visitors. After all, exploring an exhibition is hard work. Always set up the refreshments towards the back of the stand so they have to walk through to reach them – giving your staff time to engage them in conversation.

Make your guests the centre of attention

Create a photo opportunity in which your logo and brand is prominently displayed. You could provide a fun layout, or an opportunity to have a photo taken with a character mascot. Ensure guests can access and download the images for free online. The chances are that they will share those pix on their own or company social media – giving you extra publicity.

Pamper visitors – How about offering a shoe shine service? It provides a touch of luxury – and while they are having shoes shined, you have the opportunity to chat about the stand.

Add some extra comforts – Walking round exhibitions is hard work and can be very tiring. Provide a little extra comfort for guests on your stand. Have some comfortable chairs and perhaps a padded rug nearby which can ease aching feet while you chat. This is especially useful in a one to one area, where you can have some privacy with really interested visitors.

Set up a livestream

Not every potential customer will be able to attend the show. So why not bring your stand to them by livestreaming video from the day’s activities on your website. Use our product demonstrators to explore individual products, and include chats with members of staff. Interview people on the stand and include these interviews on the video.

Don’t forget to take some time to meander around the show and get ideas from other exhibitors. By hiring our high quality professional staff you can safely leave the stand for short periods knowing that visitors will be treated professionally.

Need to hire staff to work on your exhibition stand?

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