How can I keep my guests safe at Exhibitions and Events?

How can I keep my guests safe at Exhibitions and Events?

As we see the return of Exhibitions over the horizon, we must consider the safety of guests, clients, and our staff when they return. There is no doubting everyone is tired of having their brains poked by COVID swabs, so it’s important that we all do our best to keep the Coronavirus and other illnesses from spreading again. Are you thinking about exhibiting?

As an exhibitor or event organiser, you will need to consider managing the health and well being of your guests and the industry itself. The opening of exhibition hall doors will welcome you great opportunities to promote your brand or company, but the COVID cloud will still be lingering in the background. We are all more educated and aware on how viruses and illnesses are transmitted, so taking action to prevent another pandemic and protecting your industry is imperative.

The new normal for hiring staff

We have implemented various initiatives to support our staff, this includes providing COVID secure courses, information, and training on various procedures to prevent the risk of COVID and other viruses spreading. This includes social distancing, visitor number monitoring, hand sanitization and health assessments. The added benefit of hiring these COVID trained staff is they also deliver for you from a business perspective. The staff can promote and demonstrate your brand or business with the same professionalism and skill as any other exhibition staff  member would do.

Some helpful things to consider when exhibiting!

Meanwhile, it’s also key to communicate with client’s on how to run an exhibition stand safely whilst following social distancing and government guidelines. Below are examples of things to consider implementing to your stand:
• Hand sanitization tables outside your stand
• Social distancing signs and floor markings
• Using a front desk and host to welcome your guests to your stand and to manage guest numbers.
• A good supply of free masks and anti-bacterial sanitisers.
• Health and wellbeing checks for staff and guests.

All the above can be managed for you by our team, leaving you the time to really get on with your business. You can leave your stand in trusted hands to go and network with potential clients or go see the epic seminar you’ve been wanting to see all year!


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