Grow your business by taking part in exhibitions and trade shows

Grow your business by taking part in exhibitions and trade shows

Despite our digital world, face to face contact at exhibitions is still the most effective way of building a business and a brand.

Quite simply, exhibitions provide an environment that cannot be replicated on screen. Physically participating in an exhibition offers the opportunity to meet massive numbers of potential clients, identify trends, obtain new ideas and discover what is happening in a variety of business sectors.

It is no surprise that business decision makers are opting for exhibitions in ever greater numbers. After two years of Covid, people want to develop connections and meet face to face again. Taking advantage of this trend and getting it right from the beginning, can prove to be the key factor that allows your business to grow from an SME to becoming an industry leader.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should consider exhibiting:-

Develop face to face connections

Humans need the social interaction to meet people face to face, and make direct connections. People like to meet the individuals with whom they are doing business. You have to gain and keep their trust – and that can only be achieved if people really know you, and meet you in person. It is the best way of ensuring there are no misunderstandings, or confusion over potential deals.

Remember too you are talking to people who are already interested in your product or service. Unlike a cold calling campaign, every person who stops by your stand is a potential buyer, a potential client who is there because they want to see you.

Discover what others are doing

Staying ahead of trends is crucial to any business wanting to grow and develop. Attending exhibitions is the perfect place to discover what your competitors are doing, take part in presentations and seminars, gain new ideas and insights which will benefit your business strategy.

Brand Awareness

Exhibiting immediately provides you with brand visibility. Make your display stand out, and be immediately identifiable. By being at the show, people will become aware of your existence.

Gain new business

Depending on the size of the show, you could be potentially meeting hundreds if not thousands of potential clients. Some of those leads could turn out to be very lucrative, and create some very valuable connections.


Where better to network than at an exhibition? Surveys indicate that more than 71% of SME have succeeded in gaining new business while networking at a trade show.

Get Feedback

Meeting customers face to face is a fantastic opportunity to gain information about what they like or dislike about your product. You can talk to them directly and clarify any queries. Obtaining feedback of this kind is immensely beneficial.

So why not take action now and book an exhibition stand, some specialist exhibition staff and maximise the benefits for your business.

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