EXCEL London – World Science Fiction Convention 2014

EXCEL London – World Science Fiction Convention 2014

The annual World Science Fiction Convention brings together authors, artists and fans of all Science Fiction and Fantasy. There are approximately 6,000 members expected to attend this year’s event.

This Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) is an international gathering of the science fiction and fantasy communities.
When you visit Worldcon you will think you have walked into a giant buffet, an enormous room filled with table after table of delicacies. You will also see lots of things that are unfamiliar – some look good and smell good, others don’t. You can decide to dig in and start to fill your plate with things you know and like.

Worldcon has exhibits, including the Dealer’s Zone and Art Show. There will be ceremony awards and a masquerade. The masquerade is a costuming competition and people will be judged on their skill in re creating the costumes of their favourite Sci Fi Character.

Sci-fi Costumes

In addition to the gala Masquerade, you will find people wearing costumes around the convention. If you do decide to come to the convention dressed in costume, you certainly won’t be out of place. Should you prefer not to come in costume you will still have great fun, recognising your favourite characters.

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