ExCeL London – What’s on January 2019

ExCeL London – What’s on January 2019

The ExCeL London is a waterside event venue that attracts event organisers from across all sectors and industries. The busy festive season a distant memory.  So what events and shows does this major venue have in store during the first month of the New Year?

100% Optical, 12 – 14 January 2019

The first of two events at this amazing venue, the 100% Optical show.  It brings together over 8,000 professionals from the world of optical world. Technicians, opticians and innovation collide in a show that brings the latest products, technologies and solutions to an international stage.

This is the sixth year this show is being hosted at Excel.  Promosing big brand names in the world of eyewear, equipment, lenses and business services. It also features audiology, a growing trend in services being offered by opticians across the UK.

Doors open at 10am on Saturday 12 January with a late night closing of 9pm. The event closes at 6pm on Sunday with the event drawing to a close at 5pm on Monday.

Oracle OpenWorld Europe: London, 16 – 17 January 2019

We all know how much our world is changing, fuelled by many driving factors and forces but there is no denying the impact digital technology has had on every aspect of our lives.

From Cloud computing to Artificial Intelligence, there is now so much technology driving our world that keeping up with the fast pace of change is almost impossible.

The choices every business has in terms of technology is daunting.   This is why attending the Oracle London show at ExCeL London to see what is working and what isn’t is a great move. This show brings together innovators and experts from across all fields and subjects.

With attendees from the private and public sector, the more input designers and innovators have from the people who use the technology, the better. This is why this event promises to be not only well-attended but diverse, with showcases and events that allow us to examine the future today.

Registration for the event is complimentary but as you would expect, places are limited.

How London Exhibition Staff can help with both these shows at ExCeL London, January 2019

Both of these shows are sector specific, with a high level of technology, knowledge and know-how. As an exhibitor, you want to extend your reach and impact throughout the days you exhibit and the event but we understand that you may have concerns about the level of knowledge amongst our promotional staff.

We like a challenge and our exhibition staff are ready and able to offer a personable and responsive service. What does that mean? It means that we have the right people to learn about your industry, brand and products or services before the event, arrive briefed as to their role to make either of these shows a huge success for a client.

February looks just as busy

There are some amazing shows coming up in February at ExCeL London too. ICE London is slated for the first days of February with the Carole Nash Motorbike show coming back to the ExCeL mid-February. Later in the month, we see Professional Beauty London return too.

Can we help make the most of your time exhibiting at ExCeL London events and exhibitions?

Useful Links

100% Optical – https://www.excel.london/visitor/whats-on/100-optical-2019
Oracle – https://www.excel.london/visitor/whats-on/oracle-openworld-europe-london

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