An Exciting New Collaboration Between ExCeL London and British Airways Announced

An Exciting New Collaboration Between ExCeL London and British Airways Announced

Working in partnership and collaboration brings so many benefits.  Many of which ExCeL London, a popular events venue in the city, will be hoping to reap with the announcement of its year-long partnership with British Airways.

Granting BA exclusive ‘airline partner status’, the airline will be seeking to make the most of the advertising space in and around ExCeL. They will be offering deals and discounts to visitors, exhibitors, delegates and staff, enticing them to travel with the major carrier for both short and long-haul flights.

Servicing 80 airports across 90 countries, it is no wonder that BA has realised the impact that partnering with ExCeL could have over the coming year. The venue attracts more than four million visitors a year.   So no wonder that BA has chosen to link with the capital’s biggest international exhibition and convention centre.

A partnership that makes sense

ExCeL London has long appealed to event organisers, with events, shows and exhibitions attracting attention and delegates from international visitors. Strengthening travel links makes sense for the venue and with BA servicing nearly a thousand flights a week.  This includes a daily service to New York, it is a partnership that makes perfect sense.

Better still, ExCeL is on the doorstep of London City Airport, an airport that is growing in size and flight schedules. Bringing in delegates via a BA flight with a great deal of pricing and excellent in-flight service will continue to build on the excellent reputation that the ExCeL has long enjoyed.

It is, said Luke Hayhoe, BA’s general manager for commercial and customer services, “a very natural partnership that provides great travel opportunities for both British Airways customers and ExCeL delegates and visitors”.

Great news for event organisers too

And event organisers must surely be looking at this announcement from November 2018 and realising what this means for them.

An events venue that boasts easy and accessible travel arrangement for delegates not just in the UK but Europe and beyond is one worth partnering with to hold any event. With the realisation that the venue is within striking distance of the airport, as well as other travel links in the city, delegates are more likely to make the effort to attend – great news for visitor numbers.

And for you, that means working with a promotional staffing agency who can extend your links and reach to customers in the domestic market but potentially global too.

Already the venue for hundreds of diverse events across a calendar year, it may be that ExCeL London finds itself opening its doors more often and to yet more delegates and event organisers.

Working together at Excel London

For you and for us, that’s a great basis for working in partnership to bring more success, improved connections and extended reach for your brand.  Being a leading supplier of brand ambassadors and exhibition staff at London Excel we are excited by what lies ahead.

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