5 Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth?

5 Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth_

5 Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth?

Whether you are new to trade shows or an old-hand, what makes your time at a show or exhibition a success is meeting customers, selling your products or services and promoting your brand.

It’s easy to assume that because there are thousands of delegates expected at an event, that this will happen automatically. This is rarely the case. In fact, in the noisy exhibition hall of Olympia or ExCeL London, you’ll need to cut through it all to reach your customer.

Why not try…?

#1 Being picky about location

The event organisers will, as part of their promotional package, have a floor plan of the event. If you are serious about attracting people to your booth, you need to be in the right position. Book the stands that are close to entry and exit points, close by tea and coffee booths (great for exposure) or by eating areas and the networking lounge.

#2 Pre-promoting your attendance at the event

Event organisers will do a lot to promote their event and the exhibitors at it but to leverage as much from the event as you can, make sure you promote your attendance there beforehand too.

But don’t leave it there – tweet and share captions and stories throughout the event and post-trade show too.

#3 Maximising engagement

Connecting with people is about attracting their attention and keeping their attention, more so if they are part of your customer demographic. All too often, people will spend time to talking to ‘potential customers’ only to find at the end of the long conversation that they are not in the market to buy or don’t have the buying authority.

This is known as qualifying leads, something that professional promotional and exhibition staff do all the time. Armed with knowledge of your brand and who your target audience is, promo staff can maximise every contact to ensure that the people who are genuinely interested in buying and have the authority to make the decision are bumped to the top of your lead generation list.

#4 Getting creative

Every brand at the show will be determined to out-compete their competitor and so coming up with something different, creative and inviting is key to stand out success. As well as professional promotional staff, why not consider the latest technological innovations?

From digital graffiti walls to touchscreen PCs for scrolling through online catalogues to referrals and giveaways, there are plenty of ideas to make your booth attractive to the passing masses!

Did you know, we could help you with this too?

#5 Freebies…

Giveaways are one way of attracting attention but with budgets tighter than ever, some brands are no longer opting for the mass saturation approach, preferring instead to have branded items to giveaway to prospective leads and customers.

With our event and exhibition services bringing even more success, isn’t it time you contacted us for a quote?


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